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Completely RANDOM

We were given the choice to talk about anything this weak so I’m gonna go way off topic, Sorry about the grammar but stay with me, its gonna be one those kinds of post. The UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE LIBRARY; SMH. I love the school, love my city, but that library is about the worst; well one of the worst parts about this campus. I don’t know how many of you actually frequent the library, but if you never go there you’re probably doing yourself a favor. Its about the size of my closet, and if you go during mid terms, or finals, you can actually see kids sitting on the floor, each other, anywhere their is room. There are only a hand full of computers for thousands of students to actually work, and better yet after 12 midnight they close the side of the library you actually need. I don’t understand why the week before finals wouldn’t the library be 24hrs. If you want student to succeed then you need to provide an atmosphere conductivity to learning. All I think while I’m in the library is how close the person next to me is, where can i study and not see anyone, and will they get more study rooms.


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